C-thru Security Surveillance Solution

C-thru Security Surveillance Solution Our system enables an agent to effectively have eyes and ears in hundreds if not thou­sands of places at the same time. By design, our transit-site security surveillance system still neither overwhelms nor tires the agent with the massive amount of information being processed and dis­played.

On the contrary, the surveillance agent's mental load is radi­cally optimized towards monitoring only what is most critical to security: presence and movement of (groups of) people and vehicles inside a campus/site and its buil­ding(s) as well as security-sensitive events such as fires, smoke, badge access, assem­blies, gun-shots, people running etc.

These security-critical events and alerts are adapted into one system then, correlated against each other based upon defined security policy and rules. This automated root cause analysis enables disparate real-time security data to be combined into an integrated panoptic security command center (over)view.

Fig 3 & 4. Artist impression of panoptic security display of the C-Thru surveillance system.

All information streams and elements which may detract from the overarching goal of transit-site security surveillance are dynamically subtracted and not displayed unless desired. The agents exclusively monitor what they need to see and hear from the point of view of surveillance and transit-site security.

Fig 5. Artist impression of panoptic security display of the C-Thru surveillance system.

This capability is the result of the combination/integration of multiple technologies and insights. Most of these individual component technologies have been developed to varying degrees by others. Some groups of developers have combined varying subsets of these technologies. To the best of our knowledge, our proposed solution is unique and unprecedented in its integration/combination of this particular set of technologies and insights towards the capability described here.